Penned by:
Pumlani ‘Ntsimbi’ Kubukeli

The formation of the MK political party was never going to go by unnoticed as it has rattled feathers and will probably shift the political landscape in our country. I heard about the story of its cut and paste policies, is it not what all parties do? What good is it to reinvent a wheel that is already there. After all, they were part of inventing that wheel even though today they are standing outside the ANC. The MK party therefore probably doesn’t need to formulate any policies. Theirs is to just implement what the ANC has already formulated but fails to implement.

When I listen to some people talking about the ANC and praising its renewal initiative, I am left astonished because it seems like we are talking about two distinct entities. The ANC I know will never renew itself, its sell-by date has expired. The current ANC has no patriotic leaders, it is full of scoundrels who are robbing the very oppressed people. That is exactly where initiatives like the MK Party have to capitalize on.

In 1984, comrades who were involved in the mutiny were termed patriots in order to differentiate them from the general cadreship. This was due to the fact that their analysis of the situation at the time was mostly about insurrection now, without the proper analysis of the revolutionary situation, which was not what was expected of cadres. Whereas, today the ANC has no cadres nor patriots, it is just a party that stands by its leader at the cost of its very own policies. Its a party without integrity. A party that forsook its very own MK cadres who sacrificed everything including their own lives for its survival. The ANC would have died in exile, had it not been for MK.

Let me just state clearly that the ANC accomplished its mission of liberating our country no matter the short comings of that freedom. It’s probably time for it to hang up its boots.
The SACP was supposed to carry on and lead us towards socialism, instead they allowed themselves to be swallowed by the ANC’s newfound status of proximity to resources. Selfishness and greed took the better part of them, they killed the trade union movement, became Cabinet Ministers, etc. and the rest is history. When AMCU is waking them up, they call it reactionary forces. EFF has taken over some of the roles that the SACP is supposed to be playing. The ANC killed the ANC Youth League and today some of the youth is languishing in prisons while others are drug users without any hope. They have become victims of a capitalist system which is unfortunately being perpetuated by the ANC and its alliance partners.

Now comes the MK party, whether it has been registered as an entity by directors who are not MK is immaterial. What is important to note is whether this vehicle can be able to carry out the aspirations of our people which the ANC has fallen short of. Genuine patriots are concerned about our people. MK members who were committed to the cause of liberation were all patriotic and I believe that those MK cadres who are part of this MK party are patriots. They love their country and their people.

It would be disingenuous to rubbish the emergence of this grouping and degrade it to former President Jacob Zuma because he was invited at its launch and delivered a speech.
My advice to the MK party now would be to leave them talking all their nonsense and concentrate on bringing to the people what they aspire for, bring hope to the hopeless and be a voice to the voiceless.

It is so easy to decampaign the ANC by the way, they don’t need rocket science, that is why they fear the emergence of the MK party. The ANC is decampaigning itself daily.
If we talk about Eastern Cape alone, the ANC has less than 100 000 (One Hundred Thousand) paid up members. Its largest region, OR Tambo has lost 39 percent of its membership currently. Those people are governing 7.2 million Eastern Cape citizens with a mandate of a fraction of the population. You can be a judge as to whether they are doing a great job at it, I reserve my comment.

What every genuine cadre of the former glorious movement and people’s army must ask themselves is: whether must we continue to vote people who continue to scandalize the very ANC and fail to deliver on their promises or whether we should consider giving our mandate to genuine MK Cadres who share the same liberation aspirations as ours, genuine MK Cadres who are being denied participation in the higher echelons of this current ANC just like all of us.

As Einstein put it, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I personally do not think the ANC will ever renew itself or ever improve the lives of our people. What I can tell people is that, the ANC continues to suppress and undermine the intellectual capacity of MK cadres. They do not think we have it in us to stand up without them or for that matter, to stand up against them.

Perhaps, now that there exists this MK grouping, we really need to make our genuine introspection as individual MK members and think for ourselves without any undue influence. Our love for the ANC or our indoctrination by the ANC should not cloud our objective reasoning. This is no longer the ANC of Oliver Tambo because it is no longer following in his footsteps, why must we carry that burden of people who do not want us?
Even former President Thabo Mbeki stated publicly that he cannot campaign for this rotten ANC, why must we be quiet then?

We call ourselves an advanced detachment, when are we going to speak out or act! Cowards die many times before their death!
Zemkayo iinkomo magwal’andini!

A question most South Africans who knew MK are asking some of us about is whether we support this initiative. If not, what is the ANC doing for you because siyabona baxhaphaza kwanina aba kuqala? Nithuleleni, noyikantoni, kanti ningamagwala ninje, yeyiphi lenkululeko nanisiza nayo xa kunje?

They are also asking us about the impending alliance between the ANC and the DA. I was disappointed by the ANC Veterans League Deputy President, Comrade Mavuso Msimang just after I had sung his accolades. What he proposes is for us to sell the ANC brand to the DA. How can we even think of a coalition with a party that continues to bully our people in the Western Cape. A party which is a remnant of our oppressors. The ANC is mum about this, meaning that it is also the position of the motherbody. When the ANC VL President Snuki Zikalala said it, it died away, but now that it is being resuscitated, it clearly demonstrates that the ANC has been captured by the imperialists.

Many of us have more than 40 years unbroken service in the ANC/MK but are less than 60 years old, thus not qualifying to be members of the ANC Veterans League. The Veterans League shot down our proposal to be included in its membership when we have 40 years in service of the ANC. What else must we do, wait for what, at what cost? I had said it when we went to the MK Conference in East London, that it was our last shot at getting recognition from the ANC. We tried to push for an ANC voting status but all in vain. We were told to go to ANC branches yet they know they buy them with money and place gatekeepers.

All in all, we have been kicked out of all decision making structures of the ANC. What must we do? We should probably look at this in this way: The formation of the MK party could be the beginning of an emergence of a suppressed voice of reason from MK members, only time will tell.

Chasing after the usage of the name, MK is childish and a futile exercise. Who must they call themselves when they spent all their lives calling themselves MK. One can also form a security company and call it MK. We all have a claim to this name and it’s of no use fighting over a meatless bone.

Let us all be genuine to ourselves and stop singing for our meals, let us not reduce this to either JZ or CR because this is all about the unfulfilled promises made by the ANC to our people. I am still a member of the ANC and will continue to criticize it without any fear. I am currently doing the same introspection that I am asking all other genuine MK cadres to do!

A luta continua!
A vitória é certa!
Patria o muerte: Venceremos!


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