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The Acting Municipal Manager

Sakhisizwe Local Municipality


15 July 2020


Dear Mr Mase


RE: Documents requested in terms of the PAIA application


This serves to acknowledge receipt of documentation requested in terms of our PAIA application lodged on 29 August 2019 which you hand-delivered to our offices on 15 June 2020.


We express our sincerest gratitude for partially meeting your commitment made in our virtual meeting with the MEC that the documents would be made available to us and that sharing information between the Municipality and CALUSA will be an ongoing thing.


I list the documents we received from your office below:

  1. Annual Reports, Financial and Audit reports from 2007 – 2019
  2. IDP Documents from 2009 – 2019
  3. Municipal Land Use Plan
  4. Valuation Reports
  5. Town planning and Topographical maps of surrounding towns and areas
  6. Municipal tender records
  7. By-laws
  8. Database fleet management
  9. IDP annual audits reporting on performance against IDP targets
  10. SPLUMA by-laws


Thankful as we are for delivering the above documents, we want to draw your attention to the fact that there are still a couple of documents from the PAIA application which have not been delivered. They are listed below:

  1. Minutes of council meetings in which council approved the tenders in the records provided to us.
  2. Records of processes followed in the passing of the by-laws
  3. Land Audit – you informed me that the Municipality has not conducted a land audit.
  4. Spatial Development Framework(SDFs)
  5. SDF annual audits reporting on performance against SDF targets
  6. LUMS [Land Use Management System] regulations or by-law.


We will be grateful if the above documents were to be made available to us within 5 days. We want to bring this matter to finality.



Yours sincerely,


Lwazi Ncapayi




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