On 21 March 2019, people from various areas of the Sakhisizwe Local Municipal area will gather in Cala to discuss the state of the Sakhisizwe local municipality, one of the municipalities making up the Chris Hani District Municipality. This follows a wave of protests last year which saw all operations in the two towns of Cala and Elliot come to a complete standstill. The dialogue, jointly organised by the Cala University Students Association (CALUSA, an NGO based in Cala), the National Research Foundation (NRF)…Continue Reading “Crisis at Sakhisizwe Municipality in the Eastern Cape under the spotlight in a historic dialogue”

Mxolisi Mfundisi joined Xhalanga Blues while he was still a learner at Arthur Tsengiswe “Dutch” School. Players, like Leader Mazaleni, who were at Cala High at the time, were the first to spot his talent. Mxolisi lived in the village called Tiwani and played at the school and not for a local club. He was approached by players like Leader Mazaleni to join Xhalanga Blues, but he had his reservations about playing for a team at a higher level. Instead he opted to join Swallows,…Continue Reading “Through The Eyes of a Legend: Mxolisi “Cules” Mfundisi”

Batandwa Ndondo Activist

The viciousness and racism of apartheid grew to a crescendo just before its collapse was imminent. Activists disappeared and freedom fighters died suspiciously while others in the resistance were incarcerated, banished or banned. Brutality rose, torture was more widespread and ‘the era of secret slaughter’* began in earnest in South Africa in the mid-80’s. In the Eastern Cape, the Transkei security police harassed activists like the Ntsebeza brothers, Godfrey Silinga and Matthew Goniwe. When the activists circulated political literature, provided legal assistance to other activists…Continue Reading “The Era of Secret Slaughter & The Murder of Batandwa Ndondo”

Cala Feature

Situated on the Tsomo River in the Sakhisizwe Municipality, 28 km southwest of Elliot is Cala – a town plagued by poverty and ravaged by the apartheid-era Bantustan policy. However, this rural town and the surrounding Xhalanga district boasts a number of prominent people, who are products of its dusty streets and aided the anti-apartheid struggle by empowering themselves through education. They placed a value on obtaining liberation through education, which is a running theme in the history of Cala. Another theme that runs parallel to…Continue Reading “Cala: Liberation through Education”